How to Make Origami Flowers

oigami-flowersAs Valentine’s day looms close, here’s a craft idea to keep your  homes in bloom during this romantic time of year, or to pretty up a gift to your loved one.

Origami is an art form that can trace its origins back to 17th century Japan. The word “origami” comes from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”.

Although origimai originated in Japan, it has been adopted worldwide and modernized to include new techniques, such as modular origami and wet folding.

Today, we’ll showcase four beautiful origami flower projects we’ve uncovered. If you’re curious enough to try your hand at one of them, we’d love to hear how it turned out. Please share your comments below.

3D Origami Roses


Not only are these origami roses beautiful, but the folks at made them easy to create with both step-by-step photos, and a link to a how-to video — not to mention a fun animated gif.

In addition to the great instruction they provide, it’s hard not to be intrigued by a blogger who opens with “Happy friday my little chestnuts”, don’t you think?

More Roses

If one type of rose just isn’t enough to satify your urge for origami, we invite you to take in’s origami roses.

Carla, a blogger from Singapore, will show you how to make three varieties of origami roses. What’s more, you can see how Carla fashioned these roses into 150 stunning favours for her brother’s wedding. (We’re so impressed!)


Origami Daisies


While making this origami daisy is a little more complex to than you might think, this tutorial will step you through the process with detailed illustrations and a video. In the video you will see that the project is so much fun, that even the blogger’s cat couldn’t resist lending a… um… paw.


Japanese Kusudama

If you’re feeling enterprising, consider making a Japanese kusudama – a decorative paper ball, shaped by gluing together several identical paper shapes. Visit for a two-part tutorial: the first tutorial will show you how to make each flower, while the follow-up post will demonstrate how to assemble all the shapes to create your kusudama.



And there you have it! Which of these DIY craft projects most appeals to you? Are you bold enough to take one on? Share your comments with us!

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