Japanese Product Design

Japanese design is undoubtedly defined by superior craftsmanship and style.  Together, they shape all aspects of design to create some of the most functional and innovative products in the world.  

Kitchen Knives

Crafted in Kyoto, these elegant kitchen knives are sharp, ergonomic, and minimal in design.
Artist: Issei Hanaoka


The Nut Cracker

A sleek take on a classic, this nutcracker not only does its job, but is easy to use and tucks neatly into the kitchen drawer.
Artist: Normann Copenhagen

The Key Holder

Built with the idea that sounds enrich our lives, the Wakka (round shaped) key ring adds rhythm to every day and offers a memorable “home” for an item easily lost.

The Bottle Opener

Created by Japanese designer, Oji Masanori, each solid brass bottle opener is as unique as it is beautiful. Made in a 114 year-old Japanese foundry, each opener’s polish and look depends on the patina that develops.
Artist: Oji Masanori

The One For All Platter

A platter made from a single piece of wood that is perfect for special gatherings. Serve individual dishes on one beautiful centrepiece that will leave an impression.
Artist: Naruse Inokuma Architects

The Cutlery Sculpture

Designed in Germany, and inspired by Japanese wood knot puzzles, JOIN Cutlery is a functional decoration piece that will test the skills of even the most savvy diner.
Artist: DING 3000 in collaboration with designfabrik

The Mug Tray

Designed in Japan, this beautiful tray is every organizer’s work station dream. It includes a note pad, smart phone rest, mug and saucer – all the desk essentials – in compact, simple, elegant unit.

Artist: Ideaco

The Waste Basket

An ordinary home staple, adapted into a functional yet intriguing, space saving object. The design combines a streamlined waste basket with a lid that conceals trash while providing an additional surface.
Artist: Daisuke Kitagawa

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