Japanese Home Remedies to Fight the Flu

japanese-home-remediesThis year will be different. This year, you’ll walk the corridors of the office with your head held high, fearless, between November and March. This year, you won’t be in that 10-25% who catch the flu! That’s because this year, you’ll know all about traditional Japanese home remedies to protect yourself from flu and the common cold.

When you look at food, do you immediately think of how many calories it holds? Or maybe you think to yourself how delicious it will be. But do you ever wonder how medicinal it is?

For thousands of years, Japanese cold remedies have focused on eating healthy, nutritious meals instead of swallowing endless pills and bottled liquids. The basic idea is that healthy food is its own natural medicine.

In Japan, this type of medicinal food cooking, called Yakuzen, is simply a way of life. Japanese men and women live longer and healthier lives, and many scientists believe this is due to diet and lifestyle, which keeps their blood pressure low, their immune system resilient, and their bodies strong.

Nutritious Japanese cold medicine and traditional home remedies can soothe flu symptoms and shorten the duration of a cold or a flu, without having to resort to store-bought medicines full of additives, sweeteners and synthetic compounds.

Japanese Cold Remedies: Flu-Fighting Foods

So how can you help boost your immune system and prevent the flu with natural Japanese cold remedies? Try to incorporate nutritious and healthy Japanese ingredients regularly into your diet.

Here are some Japanese food remedies to nourish soul and body:



A picked plum used for generations to prevent colds, eaten either on its own or steeped with tea, ginger and lemon.



As a ‘living food’, miso helps digestion and is packed with minerals, vitamins and protein. An eastern variation to chicken noodle soup: try it with green onions for full potency (negi-miso-yu).

SHIITAKEShiitake mushrooms

The compound lentinan in shiitake mushrooms helps stimulate your immune system. They’re delicious as an alternative to meat!


The catechins in green tea block the common cold virus from spreading, reduce inflammation, and work as a detox agent. Add a few drops of lemon juice and some chopped ginger for an extra boost.


One of the oldest foods, the gelatinous Japanese ‘potato’ has very few calories and lots of fiber. It’s known for its medicinal properties and colon-cleansing properties.


These pickled turnips, a traditional Japanese home remedy, have recently been accepted by the scientific community as a flu-fighting super-food, packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

Soothe your Symptoms & Fight the Flu

Japanese natural home remedies for the flu focus on eating foods high in phytonutrients, with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antioxidant and hormone-balancing nutrients that boost your metabolism and immunity.

Your body needs rest more than anything when you’re feeling under the weather to heal itself. Ban junk and processed food and chemical additives that will do more harm than good. Focus on eating real, wholesome Yakuzen food, including lots of fruits and vegetables to give your body the strength it needs to heal.

To soothe your symptoms, juice, soups, water can work wonders and make you feel better and help you stay hydrated. You can work most of the Japanese ingredients above into a homemade flu-fighting smoothie.

When you’re ill, you need to protect others, too, and limit your contact with them. Stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone (unless you need medical care). If you have to go out while you’re ill, why not try it the Japanese way and wear a mask to shield your colleagues. As they say in Japan, don’t give up: gambatte!

Here’s to a healthy year!


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