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7 Tips for Healthy Living, Japanese Style (Infographic)

In this infographic, uncover the diet and lifestyle factors that contribute to Japan's impressive life expectancy and obesity rates.

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The Okinawan Diet – 11 Ingredients for a Longer Life

Aging gracefully is a goal unto itself, and the people of Okinawa, a Japanese island, seem to have gotten the practice down pat. Many people in Okinawa live well into their hundreds, and their diet has been studied carefully. In this infographic below, find out which 11 ingredients can be found in the Okinawan diet.

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Japanese Home Remedies to Fight the Flu

This year will be different. This year, you’ll walk the corridors of the office with your head held high, fearless, between November and March. This year, you won’t be in that 10-25% who catch the flu! That’s because this year, you’ll know all about traditional Japanese home remedies to protect yourself from flu and the common cold.

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