Featured Food Blogger: Caroline Phelps

Our Featured Food Blogger series showcases the work of talented food bloggers who are as passionate as we are about the authentic flavours of Japan.


In this instalment, the spotlight is on Caroline Phelps, the visionary behind pickledplum.com, a blog with more than 400 easy Asian recipes, health and beauty tips, and a weekly giveaway.

Born in Quebec, Caroline has also lived in Toronto, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York, where she has stayed for the past eight years. South East Asia and Japan are where Caroline discovered her passion for cooking. “Over there, food is a priority, something people can’t stop getting excited over and talk about,” says the food blogger. “I ate my way through many countries since then, and it’s one of the main reasons I love traveling,” she adds.

In 2010, Caroline launched her blog with the primary goal of storing all her recipes in a single place. It wasn’t until 2012 that she started putting more of her energy into the blog, and exploring its potential to evolve into her career.

In addition to blogging, Caroline has also modeled professionally for the past 20 years. In fact, part of what makes PickledPlum.com unique is the way in which it reflects her multiple interests, featuring not only recipes, but also age-defying nutrition, health and beauty tips gleaned from two decades of working closely with makeup artists and beauty specialists.


We asked Caroline to answer a few of our questions, and here were her responses.

I grew up eating Japanese food made with a limited Japanese pantry because we lived in the country side of Quebec and Japanese ingredients were scarce. This gave me the idea to showcase home cooks that making Japanese food doesn’t have to be intimidating and can be done with ingredients that are easy to find.
I knew that if I worked really hard at it, something good would come out of it. I’ve always been good with computers so I can’t say that I didn’t think I stood a chance, but at the same time, I am surprised I’m still doing this since! You wouldn’t believe how many times I thought about quitting because it was too hard!
Being independent, not having to answer to anyone. I am very stubborn so I knew from way, way back I would have to start my own company if I wanted to hold on to a job. I love the photography and photo editing part the most. Making something beautiful and yummy even more appealing is a lot of fun.
Patience. Having to listen to non bloggers’ advice on how I should run my blog! Staying positive when there is a dip in traffic. Being consistent although it’s now become a normal thing (after almost three years). Feeling inspired.
Read about SEO and take your time before you hit the publish button. Do you homework, blogging is much more complicated than you think! It’s 75% reading and learning and 25% fun.
Finding recipes isn’t difficult, it’s the writing part I find a struggle sometimes. It’s hard not to repeat myself – how many times can I say differently that this chicken recipe is delicious can be a challenge.

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I was invited to a private dinner hosted by Man vs Food’s Adam Richman. I have built strong relationships with food companies working on multiple projects from sponsored posts, videos, shooting food, etc.. I was also flown to California to be a food consultant for a Japanese restaurant that was about to open, I helped create their menu.
A good camera is essential. I use a Canon 6D with various lenses and also have lighting equipment. Photoshop is also essential to fix the color, lighting and imperfections.
Balance is key. All good (too healthy) is not good. All bad isn’t either. Find a happy medium and you’ll never feel like you’re on a diet!
Sushi but only from specific restaurants as I am extremely picky about the rice the fish is served on! It has to be slightly warm or room temperature otherwise I won’t touch it. A lot of people don’t realize the most important part of sushi is the rice.
Traveling, doing yoga, drinking wine (in my yoga pants), spoiling and spending lots and lots of time with the ones I love.

Don’t miss any of Caroline’s delicious recipes or age-defying secrets. Visit PickledPlum.com today.

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