8 Intriguing & Flavourful Japanese Ice Cream Recipes

Are you looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Japanese-inspired summer feast? Has the warm weather got you feeling overheated?

Chill out and beat the heat with mouthwatering Japanese ice cream treats that you can make at home.

In this post, feast your eyes on eight Japanese ice cream recipes that are as intriguing as they are flavourful, featuring exotic ingredients like green tea, miso, yuzu, red beans, black sesame seeds and okinawan sweet potato.


Green Tea & Chocolate
Ice Cream Bars

Matcha bars coated in a
chocolate almond shell.
Credit: OhHowCivilized.com


Ice Cream

Ice cream with a tart flavour derived
from the juice of the Yuzu fruit.
Credit: IronChefMorimoto.com


Black Sesame
Ice Cream

Black sesame seeds are the secret
behind this original flavour.
Credit: JustOneCookbook.com


Ice Cream

Wrap your favourite ice cream in a
soft & tasty mochi shell.
Credit: JustOneCookbook.com


White Miso
Ice Cream

The delicate flavour of white miso,
combined with seasonal fruit.
Credit: Epicurious.com


Red Bean (or “Adzuki”)
Ice Cream

This exotic ice cream derives its
delicious flavour from adzuki beans.
Credit: UrbanCookery.com


Sweet Potato
Ice Cream

The purple yam lends a
dazzling hue to this tasty treat.
Credit: AllysonKramer.com

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