6 Cherry Blossom Crafts to Celebrate Hanami

In Japan, Hanami refers to the ancient tradition of viewing cherry blossoms, in parks and throughout the countryside. Viewing picnics and parties are often accompanied by performing arts, music, parades, and special culinary treats.

Sadly, cherry blossoms stay in bloom for a mere couple of weeks, at best. In Japan, they are symbolic of the fleeting nature of beauty. But if you’re crafty, you can enjoy the bloom of cherry blossoms all year round.

Below, we’ve cherry picked some stunning examples of cherry blossom crafts. Why not roll up your sleeves and let your creativity blossom into something beautiful?


Good Housekeeping brings us this beautiful craft idea, which requires nothing more than a few branches, some tissue paper, hot glue and floral wire.


Martha Stewart gives the same idea her signature style, trading in tissue and scissors for Vellum and a utility knife.

cherry-blossom-craft-6We just loved this ingenious and charming approach to cherry blossoms, by Alpha Mom. Who knew a plastic soda bottle could be put to such beautiful use?


If you have a little more time and patience, try these charming origami blossoms from Paper Kawaii. The step-by-step video will show you exactly how it’s done!


Fun Handprint Art shares this fun cherry blossom craft, for which young children (and their tiny fingers) are perfectly suited. All you’ll need is a couple of paint colours, a brush, and some fingers!

cherry-blossom-craft-5If you find it challenging to draw a convincing tree, head over to Pink Stripey Socks, where you can download a printable template. After that, life is just a bowl of cherries!

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